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H2O Weekend GO!

Tomorrow I will be leaving Long Island and heading down to Maryland for the H2O VW Meet. So the next four days on this blog I will post the rarest and most interesting wheels and parts I can find down there. Now, Im new to the whole VW scene so I will most likely be getting help on what is rare and hardcore from the VW crew im cruising down there with. And just so you all know this is the car I will be riding in for the trip down to MD.

Sittin Proper on 18″ Custom Powder Coated BBS CH’s

ALSO! My friend and I will be doing daily updates from the show on our VW Photography site WeWantEuros. The site isn’t up at the time of me posting this because of some revisions we are making but it will be up by the time we get to MD. So be sure to check it out if your a VW fan!

We Want Euros <—– CLICK THAT SHIT!


Wheel Comparison #2

Today we are going to look at another direct comparison between a Rota wheel and the Original, and Todays is a classic! The Rota Flashback vs. The Work Equip 03.

Here we have the Rota “Flashback”

And the Originator : Work Equip 03.

Again, this is fucking pathetic.

Memory Is Good!

And I’m not talking about your fucking RAM! Im talking about Memory Fab. These guys have tons and tons of REAL, and hard as hell to find wheels.

Want original Gold Advan RG’s?    Memory Fab has ’em.

Want 17″ Mugen MF-10’s?    Memory Fab has got ’em.

Not to mention they have a lot of hard to find parts for a huge range of cars. These guys come hard and are super legit. Go check the site!

Memory Fab

First of Many.

This is the first in a series of direct photo comparisons showing a Rota wheel and the wheel the design was stolen from. Some are unbelievably identical.

#1. Rota Vector:

Now the Original Wheel

Work XT-7:

Simply upsetting…….

I don’t think so Tim.

Apparently VIS Racing Sports has come out with an “OEM Style” Nissan GTR Carbon Fiber Hood and a few other things. Now while i guess this doesn’t exactly fall in the category of a knock-off, I thought I would post it anyway. The main reason behind me posting it is the price tag on this particular item. VIS is selling this hood that weights approx. 45lbs. for a whopping, are you ready for this, $8,000. I dont know about you but I would never pay 8G’s for anything VIS makes. They could make carbon fiber, diamond covered, jesus cross with spiritual healing powers and I still wouldn’t give VIS 8 grand of my hard earned money. Any GTR owner who buys this shit should have the car and money taken from them.

Touge Factory Sex!

Touge Factory has made some Exclusive One-off Enkei NT03+M’s in Matte Black.

18×9.5 +27 only, limited quantities! Peep Touge Factory for more info.

Sexy SXE10

You better believe the Risky Devil SXE10 is sittin proper! AME FS-01’s, serious as cancer.

Props to the Photographer, not sure who it is yet but a sick shot none the less.

Link to Original Post Here —> Risky Devil