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NSX + HRE’s = $Money$

Here is a sweet Red NSX with some HRE 841R’s.



Wheel Comparison: 3 piece Edition! Sort of…

Todays wheel comparison will showcase a Rota wheel that takes fake bullshit copying to the next level!

Here we have the Hardcore, Sexy, and Beautiful Work Meister S1 3p (3 piece) and/or The SSR Professor SP1. Although I feel the spoke on the Rota wheel more resembles that of the work wheel, but who cares lol.

And here is the horrid looking knockoff wheel that Rota has the balls to sell.

What bothers me in particular about these wheels is the fact that when Rota decided to steal the design they didnt even bother to copy it properly. Instead of making a cheap imitation of the original wheel by making a shitty made 3 piece wheel, they made a shitty one piece wheel with shitty 3 piece style bolts around it.

Rota you fucking suck.

Evo X Love.

Peep this sick ass Evo X with some Volk CE28N’s with proper fitment.

Nissan 370z Spy Pics.

Found these today while wondering aimlessly somewhere deep in the internet.

Nissan 370z pics with no exterior camo.

Im really liking this car so far. The exterior is great and has an awesome feel of the old 240/60/70z’s.

Two for One.

Here we go folks, its the next installment of Wheel Comparisons! Today we have a Two for One special going on! Today we will look at the wheels Rota calls its Circuit 8 and Circuit 10. And we will also take a look at the original wheels the ***** **-8 and the ***** **-10. Can you name the original wheels? Honda fans will know instantly!

Rota Circuit 8 / Rota Circuit 10

And now the original wheels. (Post your guesses in the comments!)

Serious as Cancer!

Here is a pic I found while doing my usual surfing around blogs and forums.

Heat wrapped Amuse Titan R1 Exhaust on a Silver GTR. The car also has Rays R57GT’s and a Mines Front Lip Spoiler.

Simply Awesome!

More Stook Cleanliness.

I have been in full S2k mode lately and was looking through some of my old s2k pics. I think Im in love again.