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Cars We Love – TAS 2009 Final

Not sure what company this van is from but it is just fucking awesome. The color, the wheels, the air ride, it is just a dope van.bdashvan1bdashvan21

I have seen a lot of hate directed at this car but I thought the white one at Sema was dope and I think this one is dope too. Im talking about the black Bently with the ASI kit on it. Mega Gangster Steez!


Varis Cyber Evo, what can I say about this car that hasnt already been said. Has been one of my favorite cars since I first saw it, and still is.


and Last but not Least,

The G Works AE70 Corolla.




Cars We Love – TAS 2009 Part #2

Car #3: Nissan 370z By Zele

Zele looks to be coming strong again this year. Keeping it clean and stylin’, I think this may have been the nicest 370z at TAS in 2009.


Its Monday and its going to snow…Again.

Here a nice shot of a white Subaru, in honor of all the white shit that is supposed to fall from the sky tonight and pack on top of all the white shit on the ground already. New York winters can be harsh.


Fitment 101 kids. Take notes!


StopBuyingRotas.com is up and running…. sort of.

I have started building the webpage, a very simple one since html is not my best friend, but it is up none the less. It is not finished, there will be lots more to come, but the basic framework and beginning of the site is up.

Take a look, let me know what you think, and leave some comments here if you like.

Upcoming features for the site I am working on:

-Club Section for car clubs doing it right

-More “Legends in the Game” entries

-Links to Parts Websites

-Hopefully some firsthand interviews

-Store where you can buy some cool shit

So stay tuned as i try to take my love for Cars, Parts, and Design to the next level with Stop Buying Rotas.

And as always, Thanks for reading.

Pat @ StopBuyingRotas.com

Cars We Love – TAS 2009 Part #1

Here are a few of the cars from TAS 2009 That Im diggin right now. To be honest I thought there would be many more but oh well.  Maybe Im just expecting to much, who knows anymore.

Car #1: Nissan Stagea (Not sure what company)

This car is just totally fucking awesome. From the parts to the color scheme Im digging this car in its entirety.


Car #2: Ueno’s BMW (T&E)

This car is just plain cool looking. When I first heard that Ueno was making a BMW, I couldn’t wait to see the outcome. Now that I have, I can say it was worth the wait.


If you cant say it better…

Read this post on JDMEgo’s blog.

I would have wrote something about it personally but its hard to improve on perfection. DropJay, you may be the one person left with a voice loud enough to be heard that still cares about the Industry as a whole. Period.

The Calm before the Storm…

Lack of updates sucks I know, but Im spending most of my internet time gathering up pics from TAS 2009 to start writing the “Cars We Love – TAS 2009” posts. Keep a watch out for them in the next few days!