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Sick = The Suck

Sorry about all the lack of updates but I have had a fever for like 4-5 days now and I cant seem to shake it. So I’m giving it one more night of conventional treatments and if it doesnt work I’m gonna kill the sickness with huge amounts of booze and breasts.

On an upnote me and a friend of mine are looking into getting a vinyl cutter soon. So I may have some interesting stopbuyingrotas vinyl stickers soon. Fingers Crossed.

Love Peace and Chicken Grease,

Im out!


HKS Time Attack Evo X

GT Channel has a little write up about the retiring of the Legendary HKS CT230R Circuit Time Attack Evo VIII and the company moving forward using thier new CZ200S Time Attack Evo X as the new time attack car. Go check it out, it’s a good quick read.   Read it Here!

The Legend:


The New Blood:


Funny stuff from Risky Devil

Saw this over on the Risky Devil Blog. It made me laugh… a lot.


At least the final version of the car didnt have the front bumper design they ripped off of Jon Sibal.

SPOTTED!: TC on Rotas


When/Where: Friday Afternoon in the Ruby Tuesdays parking lot on the corner of Commack road and RT. 25.

What: Maroon Scion TC

Fake Parts bought: Rota Slipstreams

Others: Custom Tags reading “TCYAAAAA” . Triple A Pillar gauges. and a I heart my Scion sticker, modeled after the I love my Honda sticker.

Photo Record:


You’re Doing It Worng 3.0 on Jalopnik

Jalopnik’s You’re doing It Wrong 3.0 Gallery is a great collection of photos of people doing things with cars that they just shouldnt be doing. I’m always amused by other peoples stupidity.

Jalopnik’s You’re Doing It Wrong 3.0

Here is a taste!


There is a 240sx on there with a C5 Corvette rear on it. The person who did that should be shot. Period!

Jon Sibal Designed 370z

Go check out Jon Sibal’s blog and peep his all original design of the new Nissan 370z. If I had the $$ this is exactly how I would build a 370z.

The Genius at work:

His Post


Sexy to the max!

Another one bites the dust


Autobacs USA / Autobacs Strauss file for chapter 11. Read the full story through the link above.