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Numero Uno!

So after a bunch of trial and error, and a few beers, I present the first SBR vinyl EVER! lol.


This one is 18″ long and is still just a test, but, it is one of the styles I will be making.

Keep checking back as I will be updating the site all week with posts as I convert my designs into vector files and get the preview vinyls cut!

Stay Tuned!


Machine is here, Long Weekend ahead!

So last night I got a call from my friend telling me that our vinyl cutter was here! So what does this mean? It means there is a long weekend ahead of me and my friend learning how to use all the stuff we bought. The packages weighted over 150lbs, which is way more than what the cutter weighed. What else did we get? You’ll find out soon!

Stickers next week! and maybe more!

Flat Black for Ryuji Miki’s Mazda Rx-7

Wrecked Magazine

Wrecked Magazine put up a pic of Ryuji Miki’s Mazda Rx-7 with a new Satan approved paint scheme for 2009.

Looks good, cant wait to see it with the Apex’i decals.


Stickers are coming.

Thanks to everyone for your input, the vinyl cutter should be here either Thursday or Friday, which means stickers should be up sometime next week.

If you want or need any other stickers cut feel free to comment or contact me and I will see if I can help out. If I can it will be dirt cheap!

There has also been a bit of lack of posts again, this time its not really because of lack of time, I have not seen any really interesting news or pics lately, but rest asure Im still on the hunt.

Stay Tuned!

Ryan Tuerck’s 2009 Drift Machine

Wrecked Magazine just posted up some shots of Ryan Tuerck doing some pre-season test runs in his Solstice with a new paint scheme and sponsors for 2009. The car looks sick and Tuerck is going to be a force to recon with in this years Formula D series. Click the link to read it, Photos below!

Wrecked Magazine



More Daijiro IS350 Update pics!

Daijiro’s IS350 drift car seems to be coming along awesome. He just posted up some more pics of the progress on GT channel. Looks like the engine and drive train is in and some brakes have been installed. I really cant wait to see this car finished.





JUN Japan gets down on the GTR


Just read over on the GT channel site that JUN Japan has started development of parts for the GTR’s VR38DETT motor. They plan to beef up the internals of the motor with hp goals in the area of 1,000hp.

Should be interesting, Ill do my best to update on progress.