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I have said it before…

If you cant say it better yourself, dont try. Instead read what the writer of The Chronicles Blog wrote. He has two very interesting and very true posts about fake wheels and people “fakin the funk” by putting the real stickers on fake wheels.

He makes several good points one of which is how far the whole fake wheels thing has come, with companies making fake wheels with fake stickers on them designed to look like a Volk or Rays Engineering sticker. There are many other examples and pictures to look at over in the post which can be seen by clicking the links below!

The Original Post

The Follow Up Post

These are my (2) personal favorite pictures of his…




Go Tuerck Go!

Big Congrats to Ryan Tuerck for taking first place in the first round of the 2009 Formula D Series. Keep on killin em in the rest of the series!



Conrad Grunewald VS A Wall… Tuerck Wins!

Check out this post over on Wrecked Magazines site. Ryan Tuerck vs Conrad Grunewald. Grunewald gets a little close to the wall and, well you know. Peep the post to see the wreck pics!

Wrecked Magazine

Tommy Kaira GTR and 370Z!

Werd on the street is that Tommy Kaira, a famous car designer will be giving some attention to the Nissan GTR and 370Z. But what will it look like, mild or wild!?!? no one knows yet but you can be sure I will be watching!

Fucking Machine!

Well I would like to start this post off by thanking all of you who have expressed interest in the SBR stickers, those of you who have already know what this post is about.

The cutter we ordered was a dud. It died on us after about 3 days, and in that 3 days we did get some stickers cut but they were barely usable. So long story short we had to send our cutter back to the place we bought it from to get repaired, which means I wont be able to cut any stickers until about 2 weeks from now the earliest.

Although that sucks it will give me time to make a proper store page, to make ordering the stickers nice and easy. It will all be directly through paypal.

The new store page with all the designs I will be offering will be up and ready to go by the end of the month.

Keep your eyes peeled!

More Please!

Im dieing to see more of this Design Craft Built Time Attack Subbie! This thing just looks mean.


If you have any info on it, hook a brother up!

Its Time Attack Season! Redline TA Kicks off at ButtonWillow

Its that time of year again, you guessed it Time Attack Season! Redline Time Attack kicked of its 2009 season on March 28th & 29th at ButtonWillow Raceway.  The over all fastest lap was 1:45.516 and was achieved by Billy Johnson in the FX Motorsports Development Acura NSX seen below.


For the rest of the Event Results Check out the Redline Stie by clicking here —> Redline TA

Redline Time Attack 2009 Schedule: