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Important off topic message

If you have ever been to NY City, seen pictures of NYC, read about NYC, or heard about NYC, then without a doubt, you know what Graffiti is.

Graffiti’s pioneering era began in NYC in the late 1960’s/Early 1970’s, and hasn’t stop growing since. During this time a documentary film was made about the Graffiti movement in NYC, called Style Wars. This film is a huge part of the history and culture of the graffiti world, and is quite possibly the best film about graffiti to date. Perfect for graffiti writers, graffiti fans and Art fans alike.

Unfortunately, the original film over the years has become damaged, and needs repair. Style Wars film creators are holding a fund-raiser to raise the money needed to convert the old decaying film to a fully remastered, repaired and HD Digital format.

Donations start at $10 thru paypal, and all donations come with some sort of reward for donating.

Please help out if you can and donate to the Style Wars Restoration Fund!

The Style Wars Restoration Fund

Thanks for Reading and hopefully donating,

Your Friendly Neighbors at StopBuyingRotas.com