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NISEI Showoff Evo X

Anybody have any more info on this Evo X that was at the NISEI Showoff? I would love to see more shots of this beast!


Oh Fuck.

I have titled this post “Oh Fuck” because that is exactly what I said in my head the second I saw the first photo of this car while doing my daily reading on the Ivy League East Blog.

The wheels on this car are a welcomed change to all the Rotas, BBS RS’s and CCW’s I have been seeing all over the internet. I am a HUGE fan of the now sorta older style Work Wheels that have been around for a long time and this set on this StoooK is a great example of why. With just a little creativity its possible to change the entire feel of the wheel. My hats off to you Sir.


Saw a website called Mogulwerks is going to be selling this sticker:

Seems pretty close to my Fake Breasts/Fake Wheels stickers I started selling over a year ago.

Coincidence or Copied Design, You Decide!

(On a serious note about this, I dont really care that much. There are so many stickers out there its only a matter of time before this happens. Whether its an original thought up by someone else or a direct copy.)

An Old Favorite

One of my favorite S13 Silvias of all time.

God, I want another 240 again. I have been looking at them non stop for 3 days now…

Got drift air? Fuck Yes!

Just watch , its worth it!

2:48 is the where the awesome is.