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MOD – Mitsubishi Owners Day 2010

So last week I got a call from my good friend Josh, asking me if I wanted to roll with him and some of his friends and their Evo’s to the first ever East Coast Mitsubishi Owners Day event down in Delaware. Of course I said YES!, and Friday night we met up at our friend Kris’s house at about 8pm to head down to Delaware.

Friday night saw a bunch of drinking and some general madness, and Saturday morning was full of some awesome cars and full throttle highway pulls. Overall it was a great event and an even better weekend.

Josh’s Evo:

Kris’s Evo:

Andy’s Evo:

Corinna’s Evo:

Dan’s Evo, with Matt aka Spilner from Ivy League East:

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Some proper brakes on Adam from Z-1’s 350z. Taken back at the East Coast Stance Works Meet.

Endless = All Business


Black Sunshine

Check out this sick shot my friend from EE Militia took of his Bagged MKV GTI on Legit CCW’s.

Peep the fresh new Trek on the roof rack too! Killer.

Changes being made.

Over the next few days and possibly weeks you will notice some changes to the visual aspects of the SBR blog and home site.

No worries though, we will continue to bring you the same fakes hating and Real reppin’ content you know and hopefully love.


Pat @ SBR

Off Topic – Cant wait for the Snow to start falling.

With Winter and the Snowboarding season right around the corner, I decided to head to the local Ski Stop out here in Long Island and take advantage of the Columbus day sale.

Picked myself up a Brand New Ride Machete Deck and some K2 Hurrithane Bindings in prep for the all out Mountain Mayhem Marathon Im planning for this winter. In the meantime, I’m hitting the gym and getting my legs beastmode.

See you on the hill.

Is there a JDM Scrooge McDuck?

If there was, you better believe he would be swimming here in this mountain of greatness instead of a vault of money.

I really need to make it out to Japan soon.

Pic via Slammed Society

Be sure to read the entire post over on slammed society for more pics of this heaven on earth location! And no you cant go there apparently haha.

Fatlace.com – Another Site Taking a Stand.

I think this post that I read on fatlace.com really sums up most peoples opinion of fake wheels and replica parts ( the people who dislike them anyway). Its not a hatred for the value or look of the parts, its more a dislike for what replica companies do to the industry as a whole.

Take a look and have a read:

FatLace – Reps or Real Post