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The other side of the coin…

The other day I posted some preview images of the new veilside GTR kit, which in my opinion looks good. I would never buy it and put it on a GTR that I owned but it wasnt bad.

This on the other hand makes me think that Veilside should be stopped at all costs.

The “New” Supra 4509 GTR Kit.

I mean seriously, come on. To do this to a Toyota Supra is just plain wrong.

To be honest I think it looks good/interesting/unique, but to bastardize a Supra to make it just doesnt make sense.

Veilside is promoting it asĀ  “Limited to 100 Sets” in order to make it seem more tempting, but I find it alarming. The fact that 100 of the remaining Supras in the world may meet this fate is just plain scary.


Air Ride Subaru

Pictures like this just make me laugh.

Enough budget for Custom Air Ride Suspension but not for Real Wheels.

These are just some of the definitive characteristics of your classic “Attention Whore”.

On a side note, I wonder what all these people with notched frames and axels are going to do with their cars once this whole stance fad runs its course. I guess only time will tell.