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CTSBYD #1: M speed R34 GTR

Cars To See Before You Die #1: M Speed R34 GTR.

There are any number of reasons for this car to be on the CTSBYD list, but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are 3,000 words in photo format.

Pics from Speedhunters.com


Mr. Clean

God this car makes me miss my old STOOK!

Just Beautiful. Pics from S2Ki.com

Got Wind?

This picture is old but, I’m posting this picture for a number of reasons.

1. Because it is awesome.

2. Because it shows Voltex’s dedication to making top quality products.

3. Because if you havent seen this picture yet, you really should.

4.Because it is fucking awesome.

5.The car is full of top of the line parts and is a prime example of how to design a car.

So here it is without further ado, the Voltex/CyberEvo during wind tunnel testing at Mie University.

180sx Perfection!

This is one of my personal favorite 180sx’s ever. It has been in countless magazines, blogs, and videos. Simply awesome, with some properly fitted Volk TE-37’s.

GTR Goodness

Here is a shot of a local shops GTR with some crazy wheels on it. The wheels are a fully official set of 20″ Rays Gram Light R57GT’s in Magnesium Blue.

Check out the shops website to find out more about the car and their plans for it.

Click it —–> Performance Motorsport